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AKX series conform to SFPMSA (Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Source Agreement), which support optical communications. The connector consists of a connector body and a cage, the body is the host connector for SFP transceivers, which is a connector for high-speed transmission designed for differential transmission. Further, there are two ways of mounting the cage on PCB, solder type and press-in type.

Strong point

  • Connector (Part No. AKX-20LFY)
  • • Provides 0.8 mm pitch, 20 contacts
  • • Utilizing roll-surface contact improves and maintains high reliability and high durability.
  • • Achieves high-speed transmission
  • • Achieves a low insertion loss due to impedance matching
  • • Achieves a low reflection attenuation
  • Cage (Part No. AKX-CG/AKX-CGP)
  • • The cage consists of an upper cage and an lower cage. The press-in type cage is factory-shipped after assembling and soldering the cage halves. The solder type cage can be factory-shipped after ether way of assembling and soldering, or cages can be provided disassembled.
  • • Factory-shipped assembly of the cage maintains the strength of the cage due to soldering at 6 points.
  • • Because the solder type cage has a half-lock structure with PCB, the assurance of workability is given.
  • • Ensure popping out of transceiver


Communications equipment, storage equipment, servers


Rated voltage30V AC (r.m.s.)
Rated current0.5A or less/contact
Temperature range-40 to +85˚C
Humidity85% RH, or less

Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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