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HDR series connectors are very small surface mount (SMT) interface connectors with their contacts arranged at a pitch of 0.8 mm, designed for the purpose of saving extra space on printed circuit boards.

Strong point

  • • Long-life design allowing up to 5,000 mating cycles
  • • Low profile with overall height of 5mm from the PCB surface
  • • Sequential structure allowing up to two stacked connections
  • • One-touch-lock-type and detachable / re-attachable housing
  • • EMI/ESD-shielded and over-molded type metal housing
  • • IDC type connector on the cable end allows simultaneous termination


Portable information terminals, smaller-sized office automation equipment,and their peripherals


item value
Rated voltage 125V AC (r.m.s.)
Rated current 0.5 A
Insulation resistance Over 1000 megohms at 250V DC
Dielectric Withstanding voltage 350V AC (r.m.s.)
Contact resistance 70 milliohms or less


IDC tool HDRseries,HDRAseries

HDRseries,HDRAseries catalog

Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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