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This series of connectors for high-speed transmission conform to Serial ATA (SATA) standard, which are successors to the parallel type ATA connector. Currently, as memory capacity of hard disks increases, highspeed interfacing is required. To respond to that need, serial transmission has been used. Compared with a parallel ATA connector, the serial ATA connector further contributes to the improvement of thermal design and the implementation of small-sized systems, because cable wiring and mounting become simpler with use thin flexible cable and the small-sized connector with few pins. Further, wiring on the motherboard can be more easily and flexibly routed.

Strong point

  • • Conforms to Serial ATA standard (Rev 1.0)
  • • Transmission speed: 1.5 or 3.0 Gigabits per second
  • • Excellent transmission characteristics are obtained by utilizing electromagnetic field simulator.
  • • Characteristic impedance is matched.
  • • Low crosstalk
  • • Low insertion loss
  • • Low reflection attenuation


HDD (Hard Disk Drives), storage equipment, servers, PCs, etc.


Rated voltage100V AC (r.m.s.)
Rated current1.5 A/terminal
Temperature range-20℃~+85℃
Characteristic impedance
100 ohms±15 %
Humidity95% RH, or less
Cross talk (differential)Up to 5% (near end)

Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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