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This series of connectors is best suited for wiring within ultra miniature electronic equipment such as cellular phones, notebook-type personal computers, and personal digital assistants (PDA’s). Wiring in the moving hinge part of the newest two-axis rotation type cellular phones can be more easily designed, when compared with conventional flexible print circuits(FPC).

Strong point

  • • Ultra-miniature type connector, one of the lowest profiles in the industry; Mating height: 1.2 mm
  • • By adopting vertical mating of connectors and attaching an insulator on the bottom surface of the connector, circuit patterns can be designed on the surface, and structure permits easy designing of PCB circuits.
  • • By narrowing the width of the cable plug to its ultimate limit of 2.8 mm, an assembled connector can be passed through the inside diameter of a hinge.
  • • Micro coaxial cable (42 AWG) can be used.
  • • By covering the connector with a metal shell, electrical noise can be prevented.


Cellular phones, notebook-type personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDA), and digital cameras, etc


Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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