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The MR series of connectors are small-sized rectangular connectors developed for data terminal equipment. The connector provides highly reliable flat terminals, and has been developed with a view of improving cost efficiency.

Strong point

  • • Provides a dual mechanism of screws and spring-locks to withstand any shock.
  • • Provides a dust-tight mechanism capable of withstanding environments.
  • • Best suited for downsizing equipment due to the robust smaller-size, lightweight, and high density.
  • • Provides a case for relay connections.


Factory automation, communications equipment, data terminal equipment,instrumentation equipment, medical equipment, leisure electronicequipment, etc.


item value
Rated voltage 300V AC (r.m.s.)
Rated current 3A per pin
Insulation resistance Over 1000megohms at 500V DC
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1000V AC (r.m.s.)
Contact resistance 7(30) milliohms or less
The value enclosed within parentheses ( )
is the contact resistance for
right-angle type connectors.

Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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