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PCR series provides bellows-contact type high-density connectors, which can support a wide variety of applications. The PCR is a sister series of PCS series connectors, since accessories such as backshell and termination tool can be shared between the PCR and PCS series.

Strong point

  • • Board-to-cable connectors provide a wide variety of contacts, 20 - 96 contacts.
  • • EMI-filtered design meets FCC and other standards.
  • • Board-to-board connectors also provide a wide variety of contacts, 20 - 128 contacts.
  • • Allows live wire connections for power terminals and signal terminals in three stages.
  • • Backshell with mating guide for preventing short circuit allows parallel mating.
  • • Best suited for parallel, horizontal, or vertical-stacked connections.


Office automation equipment, instrumentation equipment, communications equipment, factory automation, etc.


Rated voltage250V AC(r.m.s.)
Rated current1A / contact
Insulation resistance35MΩ or less


IDC tool PCRseries

Outline List of product numbers Catalog


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