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Information Security Policy

Information Security Principle

We, Honda Tsushin Kogyo, strive for customer total satisfaction and credibility through providing superior products and services, in accordance with our corporate principle, "Contribute to the society, by virtue of global perspective, through rigorously pursuing customer satisfaction, and providing the society with ingenious products", together with following employees' behavioral benchmarks: "Integrity", "Efforts" and "Harmony".
Consequently, we, Honda Tsushin Kogyo, pledge to appropriately manage and protect our information property, recognizing the importance of securing customer, personal and financial information.

1.Enforcement Framework for Information Security

Information Security Officer shall be appointed to ensure security and preservation of information property, which shall be properly managed through establishing and enforcing appropriate rules and procedures.

2.Management of Information Property

In order to be securely preserved, Information Property shall be appropriately looked after, in accordance with procedures based on the risk factor associated with such information.

3.Education and Training

All executives and employees shall be duly educated on Information Security, in order to enhance security awareness and to ensure full enforcement of rules and procedures. Those in violation of such rules and procedures shall be dealt with in strict and fair manner, including disciplinary action.

4.Reliable Products and Services

Every possible effort shall be made to provide our customers with reliable products and services, with full consideration for our customers' information security.

5.Compliance and Continuous Enhancement

All relevant laws and regulations shall be fully observed, and Information Security measures shall continuously be enhanced in accordance with evolving security requirements by the Society.